What's Rubricks?

Rubricks is an open source CMS(Contents Management System) powered by Ruby on Rails. It enables to create your website more smart, simple, and speedy.

Rubricks adopts the components architecture. You can install the components(BBS, Schedulers, etc..) into Rubricks. Of course, if you make components, many people will install and use them easily.

We are using 'Spinelz' through Rubricks. It is UI library of JavaScript to help various Ajax operation. And it is an open source library as a sub project of Rubricks. It offers RIA component such as 'window' and 'tabbox'.
Spinelz Web Site


The present Rubricks has followings,

  • System Management Component
    • User Management
      • User Management
      • Group Management
    • Component Management
    • Design Management
      • Block Management
      • Menu Management
      • Dashboard Management
    • Access Control
    • Contents Approval
  • Other Components
    • News
    • BBS
    • Todo

You can download Rubricks here.


You can read the code and documents here.

dev site

You can access the sample site powered by Rubricks.

english japanese

You can see the Flash demo of Rubricks.



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